"Used my Avcomm AC200 for the first time this past weekend. I also purchased the Avcomm Deluxe Cloth Ear covers and have them installed. Very comfortable and clear communications. I like the adjustable volume control on each ear cup and the adjustable flex boom seems to be better than the adjustable wire boom style. Seems to be well built and well worth the purchase price."


"I bought this headset [AC1000 Carbon] with a certain level of skepticism but each time I fly with them I love them more. They are truly lightweight and still feel great on the head even after hours of flying. They don't clamp at all and more than that, they don't smash my outer ear as the Bose A20 does. ANR and Bluetooth both work great!"

Paul Wilhelmson

"I am a brand new private pilot just passed my FAA check ride two days ago but I've had my headset since I began flying last October. I really liked the headset [AC950] from the start. My initial instructor, who was a staunch David Clark fan, and I traded headsets on one of our flights so I could see "what a good headset felt like". Well, I couldn't get my Avcomm set back quick enough. My Avcomm was clearer and more comfortable than his David Clark set and I wouldn't give my headset up for anything ever again!"